The Way We Were

How’s 2014 treating you so far? We’re still in hibernation recovery mode from the so- called Polar Vortex–slowly learning how to interact with people again.

Just before New Year’s we strolled through Victoria Park to ask peeps to share a 2013 memory with us. A mishap with the manual settings on the camera resulted in some pretty bad pictures, but we still want to post the faces of the peeps who agreed to have their photo taken.

This Week’s Peeps Squeak Location: Victoria Park, Kitchener

As peeps took in the multi-coloured spectacle of lights at Victoria Park, their minds were still frozen on the ice storm of 2013. Douglas and Leyco woke up on the morning of the storm to find their car “looking like a glazed doughnut.” Cuddling to keep warm as we chatted, they said they weren’t sure how long their hydro was out because they headed to Windsor for Christmas. Once they got past London, everything was dry.

Douglas and Leyco

Douglas and Leyco

When the underground power in his new subdivision on Moore and Roger went out for over six hours, Bill, a self-described young senior, did what any average Canadian would do. He headed to Tim Horton’s.
But the ice storm was not the first thing that Bill thought of when he looked back on the year. The antics of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, played more freshly on his mind. Bill was not the first and won’t be the last to quip,”What a wild man.”

Mac, 19

Mac, 19

For 19-year-old Mac, who was walking his dog when we caught up with him, his top memory of the year took him right back to the park in which he was standing. A big storm suddenly brewed in July as he was visiting with his sister. “The sky turned a greenie purple. It was kind of scary,” he recalls. A frequent visitor of the park, he also found it unusual for the water to be dredged this summer.

Waterloo will play a big part in the memories of a couple from California who were enjoying the winter scenery with their two children. Meanwhile, a local couple in the park, Scott and Jenn, anxiously await the birth of their second child in February. Their biggest news of the year was that their two and a half year old son would soon have a sibling to play with.

Don is looking forward to spending more time with his dogs and his friends, now that he is retired.

Don is looking forward to spending more time with his dogs and his friends, now that he is retired.

That’s what life’s about–giving.

Don, 65, will remember 2013 as the year he retired, even though he wasn’t ready for it. As a volunteer of Ray of Hope, the social services veteran of 27 years has far from hung up his hat. He works on low income housing programs for young kids and visits seniors. When we thanked Don for the work he is doing for our community, he left us with a philosophy we could all embrace for 2014. “That’s what life’s about—giving.”

Do you have a story from 2013 that you’d like to share with Peeps Squeak? Contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

For our next entry, we will ask peeps how they’re doing with their new year’s resolutions–if they made any.


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